Book Review Catch Up!

Catching up… Yep, that’s me, catching up.  Take a long break from blogging girl.  That is me, honestly.  I am not sorry about it.  I just got behind.  Time to get going again.   Let’s catch up on my list of books I have read!  I probably got behind because […]


Christmas Decorations – Pinecones and Leftover Paint

Over Thanksgiving break we were on a drive in the mountains and my kids were getting stir crazy so we stopped to collect some pinecones.  I have had several pinecone crafts I have wanted to try, so it was a good child labor effort for mom’s crafting projects.   Soooo… […]

LuLaRoe – Cianne Gresham

Oh my goodness! My weeks are getting crazy busy. I am making a point of squeezing in my morning walk so a few other things (blogging) are getting pushed back on the list of things to do. Anyways, lets get to the fun stuff. NO one wants to hear about […]



Book Review – All The Light We Cannot See

  * My Pick * Share worthy – 4 * Ease of book – 4 * Historical fiction   My Thoughts –  My favorite genre is historical fiction.  I happen to love WW2 stories as well.  So I REALLY liked this book.  I liked the two parallel stories.  I liked […]

DIY Farmhouse Table Plans

We moved into our current house in May.  I have a long list of DIY projects that I am dying to do.  But with our schedules, and not having an unlimited budget, we have to pace ourselves.  I asked my husband awhile back, what is the first project you would […]



Book Review – Finders Keepers – Stephen King

  Finders Keepers (Bill Hodges Trilogy) by Stephen King * Book Club Pick * Share worthy – 2 you should probably read Mr. Mercedes first, but you don’t have to * Easy read – not extremely suspenseful, slightly gory – 2 * horror/mystery My Thoughts: I wasn’t too excited to […]

Stephanie Horwedel Photography – Paige & Tyler’s Wedding

This wedding was back in June.  It needed to be blogged badly because it was such a beautiful wedding.   Too many amazing details to list, but I can try to quickly summarize.   Location – charming house in the middle of an orchard with an amazing yard   Details […]



One Day Project: Desk & Chair Do-Over 1

My middle child has been in need of a better spot to do homework this year.  Last year she had the tiniest bit of homework that she would do super fast.  This year, it’s a different story.  Her homework load has tripled, at least.  She hasn’t been able to sit […]